At Team Satyam, the priority is the student and the student alone. You will find honesty and transparency in all our student dealings. A group out of the ordinary, unfazed by commonplace rules, enriched with innovation, replete with creativity. A goal oriented task keeps us motivated and undeterred. Hence what may seem a daunting and herculean job to others is nothing but a passionate interest for us.

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CAT preparation is a great deal about giving mocks, but there is a lot that needs to be done before you start appearing for mocks on a daily basis. Just getting started without a strategy is going to hurt in the long run because aspirants forget to keep a plan ahead of their preparations. The key to getting good mock scores

A number of times aspirants feel that giving the maximum number of mocks is the key to success in CAT, but the real fact is that you get better when you realise the mistakes that you've made on your way. It is not the number of mocks that takes your further but the proper analysis of these mocks that does. Inevitably

Hello CAT Aspirants! If you are reading this article then you have surely searched the bylanes of the internet for CAT related stuff and landed yourself here! Maybe you have written CAT in 2017 and want to give it a serious try this time or maybe you’re someone who has started fresh. Whatever might be the case; this is the perfect

In today's time there is an abundance in choice of career fields to choose from, so finding the right postgraduate program can be a challenge. In that case it is very important to understand that why MBA is the most sorted career option. 1) Flexibility- This is the most important aspect of an MBA degree because it gives you the freedom

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