At Team Satyam, the priority is the student and the student alone. You will find honesty and transparency in all our student dealings. A group out of the ordinary, unfazed by commonplace rules, enriched with innovation, replete with creativity. A goal oriented task keeps us motivated and undeterred. Hence what may seem a daunting and herculean job to others is nothing but a passionate interest for us.

Our Programs

We understand that each learner is unique; their needs would also be different. The programs offered provide the flexibility to the learner to either start early or attend a short duration program closer to CAT. These differently paced programs suit student needs, from the intensity of learning to the depth, everything varies from one course to the other; but the one thing that stays constant is the zeal to deliver results for students.

Individual attention, updated courseware, online assessments coupled with high caliber teachers are at the core of all our programs. The mentors are graduates from premier B-Schools and are acing these tests year after year.

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